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1. Do you know that you can amend an over-salted meal in the pot ,by simply rubbing palm oil around the pot and

allow it to heat for more minutes?

So,i mistakenly over salted our launch sometime ago,& i applied this tip.. lo & behold, the food became tasteless (all the salt in the meal dissappeared), that i have to gently add more salt to taste.


2. Do you know that you can retrieve the normal aroma of your meal when it’s burnt (nri leree oku n’ike), by simply adding some slice of bread in the burnt meal inside your pot?

The bread will absorb all the burnt aroma and give

your meal its original taste.


3.Do you also know that you can make your Canda (kpomo) or cowLeg(ukwu efi) to soften within few minutes of boiling by simple adding Chewing-gum into the boiling meat.

Oburokwa ikwutacha de chewing-gum,michasia de

sugar di n’ime ya,iburu ya tinye n’ime ife oha ga-eri,e

mecha isi na owu ihe maychic gwalu gi. Hahahahha…Lolss…

Pls just de raw chewing-gum & not the one you have



4. I know majority of you knew that putting an iron spoon inside your boiling beans will make it soften quick in few minutes?

It’s better than using Akanwu(pottasium). That akanwu sef,its too acidic… it use to infuse war inside my stomach..afòm ana asu kwutukwutu ka ebe iraq na iran na alu ogu. Lolss


5.Now this will sound awkward but i must say it.

Do you know that adding some lumps of charcoal in a

sour soup (ofe gbalu-uka) can make it regain at least 70% of its original taste ? #Courtesy of my Togo sister.

Na she teach me this number5 when i went for holidays in Togo where she resides with her family in 2004.

Biko ina etinyekwa de charcoal,ekwekwana ka mmadu fugi,otherwise akpo gi nwanyi ajo-ite.

Please wash the charcoal and make sure it’s a fresh one

you got from the firewood you recently used.

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