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Many of us complain that we have applied severally to companies via the company website or sent your CV to emails of HR companies and still we dont get responses or job invites for interview can certainly be because of errors on our CV’s,mode of application and thr fact that we don’t sell ourselves to be employable.
A few of the things am going to share with you are some lessons i also learnt from an ICT workshop training i attended recently organized by CDNET NGO group where some top HR managers gave us hints on what they look for and how to make yourself employable and i also adjusted to them and have recieved positive feedbacks also.
Lets talk about mistakes you can’t make on your CV

1)Avoid typographical errors on your CV- Dont need to buttress much on that,we all know what that means,some HR managers all that irritates them are wrong spellings,just one wrong word makes them flip your CV aside,so PLS be mindful, whenever you are editing by yourself or via a biz center, pls be watchful of these mistakes.

2)Dont forward your CV via emails to HR’s- No matter how many mails or apllications you want to send to several HR’s,dont forward your CV’s,send them one by one to each particular email addresses. I know you feel it takes alot of time sending one by one but you get more chances of getting a response from or a job invite than someone that sends bulk emails forwarding. The HR’s see all those companies which sometimes might be there competitors that you’re also sending your CV to and it shows you dont value them as a company.

3)Write the role of the post or position you are applying as the subject- To be sincere with you, have also been in this category, most times when i also send my resume to companies in my mail,i also would just send them with no subject or role am applying for,until i learnt all those mails end up in spam or junk without the HR managers seeing them. I learnt from these so now if am applying today for any position whether the position is available or not,i put the position there or that i want ot feel i fit into. Even when you apply from job sites and the positions are listed there, put them in the subject of your mail.

4) Attach a short application letter before you send your CV- Write an application letter before you send your CV,it doesn’t hurt even if you have attached a cover letter with your resume. E.g My name is…a graduate of…from university of…applying for the position of… In…(company name). I have attached my resume and cover letter as requested to this email etc. At the end put your name,email address and phone no. When you write a short application letter it separates you from others. You could search Google also for samples of application letter.

Sometimes why we dont get responses from HR managers or get interviews is your CV could be wrong;maybe due to limited work experience and some of us apply for roles that dont fit us.
But we can re position ourselves by applying for roles or jobs that fit into our profile,update our CV every time,market your CV by networking, make good impressions on people we meet.

Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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