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Eyan Mayweather

So now it’s really official 5th Olamide Album on Olamide is the hardest working artist in the game and he’s not even dropping Wack stuff either. Download the complete Album Below…

1. Eyan Mayweather (Prod. By Pheelz)        DOWNLOAD
2. Inferiority complex (Prod. By Pheelz)    DOWNLOAD
3. Don’t Stop (Prod. By Pheelz)                     DOWNLOAD
4. Where the man (Prod. By BBanks)          DOWNLOAD
5. Igara chicken (Prod. By BBanks)             DOWNLOAD
6. Boom Boom Boom (Prod. By Pheelz)      DOWNLOAD
7. Ball (Prod. By BBanks)                               DOWNLOAD

8. Arara (Prod. By Pheelz)                              DOWNLOAD
9. Say Something (Prod. By Pheelz)             DOWNLOAD
10. Be Happy (Prod. By Pheelz)                     DOWNLOAD
11. Kana Finish (Prod. By Pheelz)                 DOWNLOAD
12. I’m Ok (Prod. By Pheelz)                          DOWNLOAD
13. Matters Arising (Prod. By Pheelz)          DOWNLOAD
14. Lagos boys (Prod. By Pheelz)                  DOWNLOAD

      Mama Mi (Prod. By Pheelz) - Olamide
      DOWNLOAD - Olamide

16. Melo Melo (Prod. By Pheelz)                   DOWNLOAD
17. Sold Out ((Prod. By ID Cabasa)              DOWNLOAD
18. Bobo (Prod. By Young John)                 DOWNLOAD
19. Toriomo (Prod. By Pheelz)                      DOWNLOAD
20. Jega (Prod. By Pheelz)                              DOWNLOAD
21. OG Waheedee (Prod. By Pheelz)             DONWLOAD

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