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Harmattan can damage our health in many ways: it affects our skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It cracks your lips and damages your skin. The eyes are also vulnerable to dust. A lot of other unpleasant diseases are easily triggered by this weather as well. 

Here are some tips on how to make this season easier for your health.

1. Drink more water. Remember that this should be just water. Juice, tea or coffee don’t count. An adult should drink approximately 1.5-2 liters of pure water daily.

2. Don’t drink soda, coke and other carbonated soft drinks. They dehydrate your skin.

3. Avoid antiseptic soap. You should use it only when you have some skin problems or an infection. This kind of soap should be used only for short periods of time, and only for treatment.

4. Don’t forget to apply oily creams to keep the skin healthy. Your clothes should be weather friendly as well.

5. Use special lip balms and apply some oily cream or Vaseline to the soles of the feet. It will help to prevent them from cracking.

6. If your hair is long, you should keep it moisturized. Have hairstyles that keep the ends of your hair hidden. You can also wrap it to protect your hair from the dust.

7. Your clothes should be warm enough to protect you from the cold.

8. Don’t forget to rinse your eyes with clean water. If you can, wear protective spectacles. Reduce exposure to the dust as much as possible.

9. If you have asthma or some other respiratory conditions, you should pay special attention to your health. Take all possible measures to reduce exposure to the dirty and dusty atmosphere. Carry your inhalers with you at all times.

10. Fruits and vegetables should be washed properly before eating. If you store them outside, the containers should be always adequately covered.

11. Keep your house warm. But don’t forget that harmattan is also the season when we have the most fire accidents. Fire should not be left unattended at any cost. This would help to avoid indiscriminate burning during this season.


Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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