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As we all know, Nigeria is our country, despite all the bad images and stories emanating from Nigeria, notwithstanding, I still believe we have good and valid reasons to remain here in this beautiful country.

1.Bragging Rights
As a Nigerian, you sure have the bragging rights in your country, because it’s your country, you’re not subject to any immigration laws,visa issues, green card etc. you’re a boss right here cool
2.Good Market
Yes! Nigeria has unarguably the best market in Africa, because of our huge population and standard purchasing power, think about it,any business can thrive in Nigeria, little wonder we have many foreign companies like MTN,Shell,DHL,Emirates Airline etc… Because we’ve got the market… oh yes cool

3.Ease of Living
Many will agree with me that Nigeria Is a very easy country to live in compared to UK,the US,Germany and other abroad countries. This is because in Nigeria, you can live according to ur income,I.e. there are many cheap houses,no one is compelled to pay tax,the bills like electricity, water bills are relatively cheap.
4.Diverse Opportunities
Here in Naija,you can become whatever you wanna be,you can do whatever you wanna do as long as you have the capital and skills to do it,.. Whether you wanna go into importation like the Igbos cheesy,or you wanna dive into agriculture, or perhaps you wanna start a company or you wanna open a big provisions store, you can here in Nigeria.
5.Economic Growth
Who wan argue? Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, it’s the second-top investment destination in Africa, our economy grows very fast each year, this only shows you that we are heading there”
. A wise Nigerian can exploit the economic potentials of this country, there are untapped natural resources, there are unexploited business areas, meeeehn.. if you’re smart enough, you can become a billionaire overnight in Nigeria. Better than being an average man in the US. smiley
6.Entertainment Value
No African country rivals us when it comes to entertainment. Be it music, be it movies,be it talk shows, be it events.. we’re number one cool .. We Nigerians enjoy loads of entertainment from our local contents,our music,our nollywood movies,our comedy shows,our events cheesy… won’t you rather be happy at home??
The Nigerian environment I’d fun,you talk of the warm weather, abundance of rain,good soil for agriculture, the many companies, the familiarity with fellow Nigerians… we are fun people cheesy we are smart cool that’s why the foreigners hate us,because we too smart grin … Naija man nor dey dull cheesy … we keep it real cool

Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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