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Have you ever given your heart to someone only to discover it was worth nothing to him? Yea, not worth more than a sofa!

He is “crazy” about you…but just in the bedroom!

He won’t always show it the first time he comes around, until he gets what he wants.
Here are 12 ways to know if he is not real! Remember, a gentleman wouldn’t do this!

1.He only compliments your outward appearance. “I’m so attracted to you” “You are so beautiful” “You’re so sexy” “You turn me on”” “You’re so hot”.

2. He is indifferent about what goes on in your life. He gets bored quickly when you discuss your work, your hobbies, your activities, and general daily issues. He makes no real effort to know you personally.

3. He only gives few details about himself. What do you know about him? His interests, hobbies, his job, his goals and aspirations…If he rarely gives out information about himself, then he probably want just se.x from you.

4. He never initiates conversation. Always remember this: if a guy likes you, he will talk to you. If you always have to initiate conversations, then he’s not really into you.

5. He doesn’t call; he only talks to you via text message.

6. He won’t talk to you on the phone, not in person, only text message. It’s not because he “doesn’t like the phone,” it’s because he doesn’t want to talk to you.

7. You will NEVER meet his friends, or family members. He doesn’t talk about them, and when you ask he quickly wants to change the conversation.

8. You mean the world to him in the bedroom, but worth nothing in public. He is all over you in the bedroom, but he is indifferent to you in public. It’s obvious all he wants is se.x!

9. He expects something in return for every act of kindness he shows you. He wants you to reciprocate anytime he does something for you, takes you out or gets a gift for you. Usually he wants sex for any of these things.

10. He won’t hang out with you during daylight hours. He is too “busy” to hang out with you during the day. He doesn’t really want to be seen with you!

11. Your ‘relationship’ doesn’t progress beyond drinks/dinner and then bedroom. Some might even buy you nice gifts, but the focal point of the relationship is just se.x. If a relationship is taking up more time developing a range of interests together, then it is likely that he is only interested in a relationship with you for the se.x.

12. Consider what he talks about with you. A lot of the conversation is superficial and it tends to serve the greater purpose of making you feel comfortable enough to have sex. Normal relationship conversation puts him off; he is only interested in emotional discussions about feelings.

13. Once the se.x is over, he makes a hasty exit. He leaves immediately se.x is over, or he makes you leave if you are in his house. In order to avoid conflicts, some may stick around or ask you to stay for just the night, but their actions would tell you there’s nothing serious.
If you meet such guys, best advice is to run..

Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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