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We love sm0ke, we ed is our favorite, without it we cannot Live – Says 2 University of Lagos B@be

some students this days are going to o high, this is such a b ad d eeds.

Download Video: D0n’t Stop Sharing This Until Every Person Who Cares About Christians Sees it

OMG! See what Christians in Middle east pass through everyday. You can’t imagine what they do to Christians all in the name of Jihad. ...

How Possible? Bus!ty Lady Uses Her Massive ‘Watermelons’ as Pillow after Getting Drunk in Public (Photo)

This unnamed lady with a tinted hair was pictured taking a nap allegedly after getting intoxicated on a couple of bottles of beer. Thi...

Guys, Take Note! These Are 6 Moves That Will Drive Your Woman Crazy

If you have been finding it hard to get your woman in the mood in recent times, then these tips are for you to take note of. sexy Obvious...

Watch video: OMG! Watch What Happened At a Lagos Night Party

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Watch Video: You Won’t Believe What UNIZIK Girls Are D0ing In A Birthday

You Won’t Believe What UNIZIK Girls Are Doing In A Birthday,, download video bellow DOWNLOAD VIDEO