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Serious Warning! Stop Your Public Hair Completely…You Won’t Believe What Shaving it Can Cause

A new report about the proper management of one’s pubic hair has emerged and it is now what you may expect.   An Abuja-based medical...

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Busty Nigerian Actress, Angela Okorie Blasted after Posting this on Social Media (Images+Video)

The controversial Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie has been taken to the cleaners on Instagram following a questionable action in the house ...

All for fame : See what someone’s mother is doing online

  Nollywood soft-porn actress and producer, Judith Chichi Opara Mazagwu, commonly known by her stage name, AfroCandy has attempted to bre...

Is this photo for real ….. what do you think ???

Wow! Don’t dare look for this man’s trouble.

Download Video : See why this bride allows guests to press her bare b00bs

  One of the most bizarre traditions ever seen played out at a wedding ceremony believed to have taken place in Hainan, South China. I...

See What has Happened To the Two Girls Who Forcefully R.aped A 27yr Old Man

According to a news report from Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal, (KZN) South Africa. In the video, the woman looks at the man while she plays wit...

Hia! Actress Daniella Okeke Flaunts Her Camel Toe In S*xy Yoga Pa nts (Photos)

  She shared the photo on her IG page…Hmm! tight pants without any underwear?..

Pictures of Singer Davido’s Look-alike Staring at a Lady’s Massive Boobs in the Club Goes Viral

Social media users in Nigeria have hurriedly checked the photo of a man who shares a striking resemblance with ace singer, David Adeleke popula...

You Will Not Believe What this Shameless Lady Wore to the Shopping Mall (Photos)

This faceless young lady was photographed in a shopping mall as she made an appearance without her panties. The lady in question ...