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The idea of kissing, or what kissing means, is not a strange concept to many people.


For the purpose of this article, of course, we are referring to the French Kiss.

The type that is meant to make your toes curl, the type that has you closing your eyes and seeing beautiful, colourful stars.

When you kiss someone, or allow someone kiss you in that manner, to a large extent, it means you are comfortable with that person. Such kissing surely shows a level of intimacy.

So, the question is this, how soon should two people get to that stage of deep kissing?

For example, someone once revealed that she kissed some guy on the very first day she went to visit him. That was probably the second time she saw him ever.

In other instances, some people would never do that until they have known the person for a certain amount of time, and they even have to be dating for that to happen.

To some people, it is not about the amount of time they’ve known the other person for, it’s about the connection in that moment of initiating the kiss.

To some others, French kissing only depends on the amount of time they have known the person to be kissed. [And not necessarily someone they are in a relationship with]

And then there’s another category of persons to whom kissing is more sacred than all that

Those people will never allow themselves French kiss anyone, and will not allow anyone lock lips with them in such manner until they are married to the person.

We ask for your opinion now, how long should two people wait before kissing each other?

Do you think dating, time, marriage, or just connection should be the prerequisite for French kissing?

Join the discussion and let us know what your thoughts are.

Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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