January 6, 2017 |



Fashion madness: What is this woman wearing? – see photos

She’s endowed though…what do you think about her dress?…

I was born with widened vag!na..I place 2 cucumber inside it enters(See Photos)

I was born with widened vaglna… my housegirl asked me to use Ariel to wash it and tight it.. I place 2 cucumber inside….

“If You Eat Fufu Or Eba With Your Hands, You Have No Home Training” – Nigerian Lady Omolara

Queen has set Twitter Nigeria ablaze after she posted the below message on her page. Twitter User Naomi Omolara @Nigerian_Queenn from os...

Never seen before : See what Singeer flavour was caught doing in a club

This Guy is surely a badt guy,what do you think about this friends