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The Nigeria of today has so many defects that tends to make it somewhat unsuitable for the numerous inhabitants.
Many Nigerians are not having the best of times.
A writer once said that everything in Nigeria will kill you, here in this satirical piece are top 5 things that are most likely to kill one in the Nigeria of today.
5. Malaria
As very trivial as this sounds, malaria has continued to plague Nigeria, with statistics showing that it is the cause of about 20 percent of the deaths recorded.
o-MALARIA-facebookMany within the rural areas of Nigeria still suffer from ncessant malaria attacks due to unhealthy environs in which mosquitoes breed.
Malaria-600x400-600x340Many cannot afford to get well treated mosquito nets and supply to hospitals where they can get free are very insufficient.
4. Lower Respiratory Infections

Lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) applied to various infection including pneumonia, lung abscess and acute bronchitis. Their symptoms include shortness of breath, weakness, fever, coughing and fatigue. LRTI is said to be responsible for about 19 percent of the deaths recorded in Nigeria.

Respiratory tract infections
About 19 percent of deaths in Nigeria are caused by LRTI
3. Road Accident
It is so sad to say that in this century, a nation as big as ours has a significant number of deaths stemming from road accidents.
Ore-Sagamu accident 3So many deaths recorded in Nigeria are from road accidents caused by bad roads.
So many Nigerians have seen their dreams killed following fatal accidents on the various highways across the country, bad roads have been fingered as number one cause of the crashes.
2. Terrorism, insurgency and armed crimes
The renewal of hostilities within the South-south has become a thing of grave concern for Nigeria, the insurgency in the northeast still leaves its shadows stall the people. In the southeast, there is steaming agitation and all these have lead to numerous loss of lives.
5 things that will kill you in NigeriaSo much has been lost and many have been killed in the war against terror in the northeast.
The herdsmen attacks are not left out and the mayhem wrecked by bandits and gunmen is various areas of the Southwest adds to the statistics. Many Nigerians have lost their lives following the a wave of terrorism and insurgency that is sweeping across the country.
militantsMilitancy in the Niger Delta has turned the region into killing fields, with groups clashing with the Nigerian army. Many innocents have been reportedly caught up in the crossfire.
Nigerian troops are fighting hard to restore peace in various troubled regions, however, so many lives are being lost in this course.
1. Poverty
If poverty is truly a disease, then that disease is really ravaging a great number of Africa’s largest nation. A 2015 report based on data collected on years between 2004 and 2014, suggests that too many Nigerians are poor.
The United Nations’ Global Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) has three dimensions and 10 indicators in estimating overall poverty, each dimension is equally weighted, each indicator within a dimension is also equally weighted, and added.
It uses 10 indicators to measure poverty in three dimensions: Education, Health and Living standards. According to the MPI report, as at 2010, 46 percent of Nigerians lived below the national poverty line (Only 28 percent in urban areas, and near 70 percent in the rural). Although a Report by the World bank, released in 2014, showed that only 33% of Nigerians could be considered poor.
Only recently, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stated that about 110 million Nigerians were still living below poverty line despite the policies of past governments to improve their welfare.
The Vice President however stated that the policy were wrongly formulated and as a result did not have direct impact on the people.
Poverty ranks first in top caused of death within Nigeria, and the economic hardship being experienced at the moment is about the worst the people have experienced.
If further broken down, one would realized that things like an alarming rate of unemployment, incessant cases of unpaid salaries and an ever increasing cost of living on all sides, has led to many to death, some even having to take their own lives.

Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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