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Usually, one would know when they’re not enjoying the best of times at their work place. it could be the workload, negative feedback or even harsh treatment from your boss.

The signs should be there for you to see, but then, knowing how unpredictable and difficult we humans are sometimes, it’s not always easy to spot these signs when they come, until you get a letter.

Below are 4 early warning signs of an impending dismissal from work.

1. Your Boss Is Suddenly More Blunt With You

When your manager is disappointed in your performance, it’s often hard for them to conceal it. Their behaviour or tone will shift in a noticeable way. A few indicators might be if your formerly friendly boss is getting agitated with you or is being more sort or cold with you, or if they have become more aloof or seem to be avoiding any conversation with you except for essential communication.

Sometimes this sign isn’t as clear depending on how your initial relationship with your boss was, but if you notice that they seem to avoid you, are sharp and short when answering your questions, and don’t engage in conversation with you outside of strictly business, it could be a sign they are getting ready to get rid of you or that an awkward conversation in a negative performance review is imminent.

2. You Receive The Same Negative Feedback

No matter how hard you work, you’re bound to get some negative feedback from to time after all, there’s always room for improvement. So if you get the occasional reminder from your manager about something you could be doing better, you don’t need to sweat it. But if you consistently hear them bringing up the same issue over and over, it may be cause for concern.

Once your boss has talked to you about it a few times, if they don’t see the change they want to see, you can expect that a warning is on the way.

3. You Can’t Seem To Get Anything Done

Everyone deals with bottlenecks at work maybe your manager is dragging their heels on reviewing an essential document, or your department head shuts down your budget proposal. It’s perfectly normal for things like these to happen every once in a while, but if they become an everyday or more occurrence, you may want to examine things a little more closely.

Is it getting harder to arrange a time to meet with your boss? Are your requests constantly getting denied? Are you being given the most tedious tasks to complete? If so, this may be a sign that your supervisor is encouraging you to quit and avoiding the task of giving you constructive feedback.

4. Your Workload Reduces Dramatically

Sometimes, when workload decreases, it means nothing wrong. It could be because there are more capable hands. However, it’s not always so. Employees who perform well are typically rewarded with more responsibility and more complex tasks, leading to career growth and paving the way for future. So if you suddenly notice your manager consistently passing you up and giving coveted assignments to your coworkers, or if your manager assigns you tasks that feel like a step backward, it may be an indication that you’ve lost their trust.

Nobody is sacked if they’re doing well, unless it’s normal retrenchment. In the case, it’s not your fault, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up much.

However, even if you get the boot, all you need do Is keep improving yourself so you get better. Rejection from company one doesn’t mean you’ve been rejected by all, you can always try again else where, but you must work on yourself before putting up an application in another company, so as to avoid the same occurrence from repeating itself.

Author: Herbidex Teasler

Aderibigbe Abiodun , is a Blogger, Internet Marketer, Programmer, Web Developer, and the C.E.O of

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